The Ex HMAS Tobruk

The Ex HMAS Tobruk was used by the Royal Australian Navy as a landing ship for 34 years. It was deployed on 26 major operations and slept 300-520 soldiers. The ship was a major “workhorse of the RAN.” Launched on the 1st March 1980 and commissioned on the 23rd April 1981. The Ex HMAS Tobruk is 127m long featuring 3 helicopter landing pads.

The Ex HMAS Tobruk was decommissioned in Sydney on the 31st July 2015 and on the 2nd December 2016 it was announced that Tobruk will be scuttled off the Fraser Coast – Hervey Bay in late 2018. The ship will provide a unique diving experience with easy access for divers to explore. The ship will be cleaned out over a two year plan and made a safe and clean scuba dive site for all visitors to the wreck.

The site will boast an artificial reef which will provide hard surfaces where algae and invertebrates such as barnacles, corals and oysters attach. From this marine life start to move in and create a structure for all living ocean creatures such as fish, sharks, rays, sea snakes and turtles. Some of the regular fish species we see through these waters are trevally, snapper, cod, coral trout, sweetlip, mangrove jack, groper and some beautifully coloured parrot fish (great for photo’s).

Whales migrate up the Queensland coast from Antarctica in the months of July – October. When scuba diving it is possible to hear the “song” of the whale. The area is common to humpback whales and also “migaloo” a popular white albino whale. It is estimated that thousands of whales will pass through the region every year.

Scuba divers will have the experience to be amongst some of the best marine life on the Queensland coastline. A scuba diver must have had certified training to complete a safe dive. Here are some of the things a diver must have – Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Regulator, SPG, Weights, Dive Computer, Dive Watch, Dive Knife, Dive Light, Wetsuit, Signaling devices, Underwater Camera!

Hervey Bay provides a wide range of accommodation from Caravan Parks to Resorts. The Urangan marina is a popular suburb featuring cafes, restaurants, shops, botanical gardens, urangan pier, day spas and relaxing coastal walks. Urangan has beautiful views out to the largest sand island in the world “Fraser Island,” also known as k’gari and the Great Sandy Straits.

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